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I make art for brainy people.

I paint all my life. This is my way to communicate with the world.
Instead of proper autobiography I prefer to let you know 10 facts about me. At least 9 of them are true

1. I was a psychiatrist. The problem is that I finished my psychiatric
practice many years ago, but still arrive at diagnosis.

2. I'm an author of 10 books (fiction and poetry). The problem is that
all of them are in Russian and only one is translated to English.

3. I'm a full time artist for the last 13 years. About 300 original
artworks of mine are in private collections and museums in 15 countries.
The problem is that now I want some of them back.

4. I have a beautiful old Himalayan cat. The problem is that
veterinarians don't accept paintings or drawings instead of money.

5. I live 2 miles from the center of the Universe. The problem is that
you can't hide yourself from the God here.

6. During 5 years I was a cat. The problem is to be a Human being now.

7. My son is a musician and my husband is a writer. I guess there is no
need to explain what is the problem here.

8. I'm a senior lieutenant. The problem is that this army and even the
state don't exist any more.

9. I get from 5 to10 injections and few pills every day. No problem.

10. I hate lies. This is a big problem.

Elisheva-Elizabeth Nesis
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